Kutztown Lions Club
Who & What Are Lions...  

Lions are more than 1.4 million strong... men and women...
young and old. You will find us in more than 180 countries
worldwide. We share a common spirit. Since Our
beginning in 1917, we have been united in a single cause:
helping those less fortunate. We are taking on tough
problems, like blindness and drug abuse as well as
diabetes awareness - and finding help and training for the
deaf, disabled, underprivileged and the elderly. In fact,
whatever the community needs to make life better, we're
there, to help. We are the youngest major social service
organization, yet we have grown to be the world's largest.
We are succeeding because we have embraced all those
committed to building a brighter future for the world and
for themselves.

We are the Lions ... and, we serve.
2nd and 4th
Thursday at
Janelle Hall in
Bowers, Pa.
Kutztown Fair Stand  - Our biggest Fund Raiser
Please sign up for Fair work schedule

MERCHANDISE CLUB tickets available again this year
Kutztown Lions Club Donation to the Kutztown Fire Co. Truck Crew



2017 - 2018

Congratulations and greetings from the Kutztown Lions Club greeter committee.

You have been chosen to be a greeter for the club at an upcoming meeting (just
look at the dates to find when you’re on duty)

If you can’t fulfill your date of service please find a replacement for yourself.  If you
are ill please find a way to contact me. (My number is 610-683-3743).

Be at the meetings no later than 6:00 pm.  The first greeter on the scene should get
the welcome sign out of the club locker and set up at the entrance to the club
meeting.  Be cheerful and welcome all members and guests with a hearty “WELCOME
TO LIONS CLUB” and shake their hands.  If the person is a guest show them to
wherever they need to go.  I’m sure you will enjoy your stint.  When the evening is
over, please make sure you put the sign away.

On behalf of the committee and the club, THANK YOU!    Lion Jim Schlegel

December 17, 2017 Lions Dennis DeTurk & Michael Fischer

December 28, 2017 Lions Terry Meals & Arlan Christ

January 11, 2018 Lions Robert Grim & David Patterson

January 25, 2018 Lions John Keiser & Donald Miller

February 8, 2018 Lions Jay Drey & Clair Kramer

February 22, 2018 Lions James Schlegel & Pete Grazer

March 8, 2018 Lions Donald Bercaw & Matthew Dietrich

March 22, 2018 Lions Ryly Mest & Elizabeth Mest

April 12, 2018 Lions Carl Wuchter & Karen Wuchter

April 26, 2018 Lions Kerry Frey & Donald Grider

May 10, 2018 Lions Bruce Werley & Doug Dietrich

May 24, 2018 Lions James Johnson, Jr. & Joe Hartman

June 14, 2018 Lions Marty Kozlowski & Walter Hess

June 28, 2018 Lions James Schlegel & Michele Boyer

Thanks For Serving
Please Note Greeters list for this year